Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring is here!
At last winter might be over and spring is here. Today it is 15C and it will stay almost that for the rest of the week. It is strange that I like winter and the cold, but...not here. Here it is almost (a little lie I know) as cold inside as it is outside. I have no problem with cold in general but when it is cold inside it really gets to me. I think the reason why many people that live in cold places can stand the cold outside is that whenever they go out they are usually warm.

An experiment of mine.
I am certain that you can stand, let's say minus 5C, for two minutes even if you are naked if you were warm to start with. Now here in Japan you are never warm because the body never gets the chance to be warm since it is cold inside too. Meaning that even if you dress up really well when you go out, you still feel cold. Clothes themselves don't warm you. They retain the heat coming from your body. Hence with no body heat, nothing to retain. You feel cold.

Now, hopefully that won't be a problem for the next 9 months since spring is here (?). Now if only they could finish building on that new flat complex next to us it would be great. Today is suppose to be the last day, but I am not so sure.

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