Sunday, March 09, 2008

Early morning

I used to wake up fairly early before, I reckon you could have called me a morning person which I still am since I am not an evening or night person, having trouble staying up late at night. However this has changed the last couple of months and I no longer wake up that early. Kind of sad when I think of it since I liked getting up early in the morning, gave me a chance to take better advantage of the daylight I presume.

However this weekend I woke up early. Felt really nice. We are not talking about six in the morning or anything, but here waking up at half seven or even eight on a weekend is considered early since it seems to be a pastime to sleep during the weekends.

Anyway, so I wake up, ask my partner whether or not she wants breakfast. She replies deep from the bed (futon) that she would like to sleep longer. So I ask her to move over since our sleeping room/living room is also our dining room. On today's menu is pancakes, American style.

It's really nice. No TV, pancakes straight from the frying pan, orange juice and freshly brewed tea with milk in it. Sun rays are dancing on the floor, the window is still wet from the condensation building up every early morning. I wonder if I will be able to wake up early tomorrow too.

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