Friday, June 13, 2008

I guess it is unavoidable not to say anything about the terrible thing that happened in Akihabara even though some days have passed now. Many of you might already have read about it as it made the news in many countries.

A man from a province south of Tokyo rented a small lorry and drove to Tokyo, a trip that should have taken him at least over an hour and probably closer to two. Arriving in Akihabara he proceeded to to run people over that were walking in the street, a street that was closed off for traffic for the day. After having hit at least three or maybe four people he went out and started to knife people with something that has been subscribed as a survival knife. Panic broke out and needless to say people started to shout and flee. He managed to knife 17 victims and of them 7 died before the police managed to disarm and cuff him. The first report said that the man had stated that he was tired of life, and that any victim would have done. Later there were reports of the man having posted messages on the internet that something would happen in Akihabara.

So is Japan is safe country? Has it become more dangerous in the last years?
I still feel rather safe here. I don't feel afraid walking home in the dark late after work or a drinking session. One way to know, a way I often use, is whether or not regular murders (is there something like a regular murder) is still big news. And, yes, I would say murders are still big news here. Apart from that, very few people own firearms, and the ownership of smaller firearms, such as revolvers or pistol, or more or less unheard of. Very few things make me as afraid as knowing that anyone around me might be carrying a gun. So, yes, I feel safe here.

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