Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here is it, the music video that has cause so much debate in France and also in other parts of Europe. I have still to hear anything about it here in Japan. The debate is not surprisingly about all the violence in the video. Some organisations are against while others try to understand what the band, Justice, or the director, Romain-Gavras, are trying to say. Anyway here is the song, Stress.

I can't help but thinking about the debate surrounding Prodigy and the song "Smack my Bitch Up" and how fast the debate ended on that one. Does any anyone even think of the foul meaning of the actual words, or are we just taken back by the fact that it turns out to be a woman that we are following throughout the video, which I think is rather cool.

So what is my stance on the whole thing. Well, I am not sure. First of all I don't live in France so I have no experience of the sometimes chaotic situations, with alienated youth seeing no future and riots with the police. Sitting here about 10,000 kilometres away from Paris I reckon I have a hard time seeing how the video would actually influence people from doing the same in real life. However I am certain that others might think differently.

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