Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yet another "traffic post"

One thing that annoys me here in Japan every now and then is the total lack of respect for traffic rules. The most obvious is of course the lack of respect from cars regarding bikes or people walking. I like to cross at a zebra crossing without having to stop for cars. Cars are supposed to stop for people that are on the zebra crossing, but very rarely do, meaning that few people try to risk it. Cars also stop and park right in front of a crossing or even on it!!

Cyclists are unfortunately not much better. They bike on the pavement all the time, and get annoyed if people don't move out of the way. I absolutely refuse to move out of the way for a cyclist riding on the pavement.

As if this wasn't enough, walking people also disregard the traffic rules. In Japan there are not many cycle paths, but on those rare occasions there are, you can be sure that people are walking on them. And of course they get annoyed when you signal to them to get out of the way. I try to make a thing of heading straight for them and then brake just in front of them, and look down on the ground, shake my head and say to myself - "I wonder what that says". Of course it says bike path, or rather じてんしゃ.

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