Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's big news

Today's big news is the arrest of SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. According to the early news releases he was getting really pished and ended up getting undressed in a park shouting and screaming. Neighbours called the police, who arrived at the scene finding Kusanagi naked. Upon telling him to put on some clothes, Kusanagi is reported to have said: "What's wrong with being naked" 裸でいたら何が悪い or 裸になって何が悪い depending on news source?

The media has this as its main news on the telly tonight. Even NHK opened up with the news, for a good 5 minutes, including a professor emeritus from Keio Uni Hospital, who explained brain black out due to alcohol, like it was part of a unique and decisive piece of evidence in a big murder case.

First, who cares? Second, hasn't everybody gotten a wee drunk sometime? Third, a wee bit of nakedness never killed anyone (apart from the Americans that is). Fourth, if I was ever asked a question in my field of expertise, I would surely refuse if it would be used in a piece on a drunk, naked boyband singer.

Bloody hell, what is the world coming to if a man or a woman for that matter can't get pished and end up naked?

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