Sunday, April 20, 2008

So I changed the layout. Change; something to like, something to hate or just something to get used to. I usually hate when newspapers change the layout or the size too for that matter. I can't find things and I want it to return to what it looked like before. Then again one doesn't want to be a conservatist (is this really a word?), someone that can't stand change and wants things to remain like they have always been. I guess I am a one of those who are annoyed for a couple of minutes and then forgets the reason why and is finally content with the change. To take an example, web browsers. I, like many others, used MS Internet Explorer, and had for a fair amount of years. In my defence I can say that I used Netscape and only defiantly change to explorer*. A friend of mine showed me firefox and its at that time unique tab-system. Anyhow, firefox, no not for me I thought, but after giving it a try I changed web browser and have never used explorer again, apart from those rare times when a programmer have missed out on the wonders of non-MS web browsers and decided just to support explorer.

So, where were we, right, change of layout. Yes, I had to change the layout since, my previous layout was too narrow to show the full size of youtube. Now I use something called "streched...". Unfortunately it also meant changing the colour of my blog, too bad, I liked the ochre colour that I had before...............but then again, we can't be against change can we!

* Yes, I try to stay away from anything MS, at least if I can. Open source all the way!

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